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We’ve got BIG goals for 2019, how ‘bout you?

By Suzy Kenny

We’ve got BIG goals for 2019, how ‘bout you?

2018, a year to be remembered…

2018 will be forever remembered as the year we took the big leap -- to focus full time on growing Girls Club and DJing! After 10 years of late nights and early mornings in Edmonton, we’ve expanded service to across Alberta, visiting Jasper, Banff and Calgary for shows and industry events. Our passion project is finally getting the positive feedback and recognition we had always wanted and deserves 100% of our attention, woo! Let the female entrepreneurship adventure begin!   

It’s GO time! We’ve set some goals to help keep us on track while bringing our empire to life...

Girls Club DJs Female Canadian DJs

Get moving

Movement is the key to a healthy well-being. After working the double shift for the past 10 years we have learned the importance of exercise. When feeling stressed a sure-fire cure is to get moving - dance, cycle, run, do jumping jacks - anything! Here’s how we plan to get sweaty in 2019 (with our Workout Mixtape bumping) >>  

  • Train for a full marathon with the Running Room
  • We’ll be checking out some of the best workout spots in the city with our Fitset pass
  • Spinning with our friends at YEG Cycle
  • Regular yoga practice with YEGyogi, Navina and looking forward to DJing and attending Camp Yoga again in 2019!
Girls Club Djs Suzy Kenny Jaclyn Panylyk Running Room Edmonton Marathon 2018
Immediately after finishing the 2018 Edmonton 10k and 1/2 marathon race.

Healthy guts

DJing across Canada means we have lots of travel in our future, late nights and days on the road where we have little control over the food we use to fuel our dance moves. BUT we have learned a few tricks to keep healthy:

  • In between trips and busy times we reset our gut health with short, frequent cleanses. Check out Dr. Junger and goop for simple yet effective cleanses. Doing this will not only make you feel better, but very aware of the consequences of having that second (or third, or fourth) drink or late night snack.
  • Meal prepping with fresh ingredients and healthy recipes. We LOVE Greta Podleski’s Yum and Yummer, goop recipes, and the Earls cookbooks, they are regulars in our kitchen.
  • Pre-blend and freeze smoothies for a healthy meal while traveling (also serves as an ice block for your coolers). We’ve come up with some really tasty smoothie recipes and will be sharing them with you here on the blog!  
Girls Club DJs at Jasper Park Lodge Christmas in November Fairmont
Enjoying the beautiful view in between shows at Jasper Park Lodge, Christmas in November, 2018.

Music Making

I’m going to be honest. We, Girls Club, are primarily event based DJs, we have dabbled in production but never completed an original track. Our speciality is knowing exactly what music your party needs. We read the vibe. We find the music. We electrify the room. This year, our goal is to raise our basic knowledge of Ableton to advanced, we are taking online courses and working with local producers to refresh our knowledge and make some tunes for you! We plan to achieve the following… (oh and you can keep tabs on our progress by following our Soundcloud page):

  • Monthly mixtapes - we’re gonna keep you grooving with our new mixtape series, every month we’ll publish a themed mixtape of our favourite tracks - up next, Love Tape.
  • Edit and cover some of our favourite oldies to make them dance floor friendly… any requests?! Leave a comment and we’ll test them out!
  • Produce an original track
Girls Club DJs open for Mija Edmonton Blueprint Show
Opening up for Mija at Chvrch of John, Edmonton


Guys, girls!! Who wants to collaborate on creating cool experiences for Edmontonians?! We would not be where we are today without the support of our peers, mentors, friends and family. We hope to pass on the gift of community by collaborating with like minded individuals and organizations in 2019, starting with:  

  • Ladies Who Brunch: we’ll be providing the music for the Stollery Women's Network and brunch event of the year in support of the Giving Comfort Campaign.
  • The KNOW book + tribe: the mission is to showcase the best and brightest women in Edmonton, the only way one can claim their slot is through nomination. Do you know any female leaders, creators or entrepreneur that should be recognized?? Nominate them here!
  • We’re already looking forward to AEMCON 2019 this is THE conference for DJ’s and producers located in Western Canada to network and learn invaluable lessons from industry experts.
  • Working with local artists and businesses to expanding our merchandise line, starting with our own custom colored lipsticks by POSH COUTURE cosmetics. POSH uses only high-quality and all natural ingredients to create an amazing long-wear lipstick. They started in Edmonton and are quickly growing to international markets!
  • GIVER rides with YEG cycle - spinning to raise money for a great cause, our next DJ ride is on International Women’s Day - March 8, 2018!
Girls club djs yeg cycle edmonton female DJ ride
Looking out for new opportunities to connect in 2019 :D

Dance parties

It’s not all health and hustle, we plan on hitting up a few of Canada’s best music festivals for inspiration this summer! Super stoked for festivals like Bass Coast, Osheaga, Skratch Bastid BBQ and Snow Bombing. Stay tuned for future posts with recommendations for artists to watch at upcoming festivals.

Suzy Girls Club Dj with Skratch Bastid Edmonton BBQ 2018

Suzy with the legendary, Skratch Bastid, DJing for his BBQ on the Red Bull Tour Bus.


So, there you have it. Those are the big and small steps we plan to take this year towards building our business and creating a healthy, happy life for ourselves and our community. What are your goals and dreams for 2019? We’d love to hear about them in the comments and reach out if there's anything we can to help you achieve them! As always, know that if you need help creating an unforgettable special event, we are here to do that, simple fill out the booking request form and we will be in touch.


Founder, Girls Club DJs

Suzy Kenny Girls Club DJ Edmonton Alberta Canada Female DJ 

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