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New Workout Mixtape

By Suzy Kenny

New Workout Mixtape

Featuring the hottest house, disco, and bass songs of 2019.

We’ve been hitting the trails and in need of some serious tunes to keep us on track to achieve our 2019 running goals. Lucky us, because Spring season means festival season which equals a ton of new killer house music mix for our ears! Our latest mixtape, Runner's High, is an even mix of house and disco tracks made by international dance floor legends and disco bangers by new up and coming producers. Runner's High, is filled with some of 2019’s best house tracks and has the energy to keep your feet moving. Have a listen, can you name that tune!? Leave us a comment on Soundcloud and give us a follow while you're there too!



Keep your ears open to catch the tracks by these talented electronic producers...

duke dumont electronic dj

Duke Dumont

Has been making dance floor hits since 2007, he started out by remixing pop songs for British Artists like, Lily Allen and Mystery Jets. His hit song 'Need U (100%') was the first house record to make it No.1 in the charts in 15 years. The hilarious music video may have something to do with it. 

He currently has a residency in Las Vegas and this summer he’s playing festivals far and wide, from Dreams in Toronto to Creamfields in the UK. His latest release, Red Light Green Light (feat. Shaune) kicks off the Runner’s High mixtape and really sets the pace for a solid 10km run.


fred falke and mome sail away french house music collaboration 2019

Møme remixed by Fred Falke

Notice when the dreamy beach vibes kick in? You can thank the collaboration of French house DJs, Fred Falke and Møme, for that. The Fred Falke remix of Sail Away will get you grooving and feeling like the sun is shining on your face while your toes are wiggling in the sand. 


yolanda be cool

Yolanda Be Cool

Our boy crush - Australian DJ duo, Andrew Stanley and Matthew Handley, form Yolanda be Cool. They are best known for their 2010 track, We Speak No Americano, and have been killing it ever since. Listen for the disco heavy hitter in Runner's High, and try not to sing along. “DANCE AND CHANT” is one of those tracks that will be stuck in your head for days (in a good way). An article about the release of their latest track, Dance and Chant, details the duo’s sampling and production methods and reveals the 1970s disco track that they revived with a bouncy bass that Aussies are known for.


curses forever at the common with jaclyn of girls club djs


Aka Drop the Lime aka Luca: our dear friend and inspiration from Brooklyn NY, now living in Germany, is currently touring with the release of his new album, Romantic Fiction. His new album is the perfect example of Curses multifaceted sound - deep and dark with a touch of disco. The consistent thumping drums in Pedal to the Metal and Don’t Look Back will keep your legs moving when you’re at that 30 minute mark.


anna lunoe djing kamloops 2019 blueprint

Anna Lunoe

We've been following Anna since she came on the DJ scene in 2010. She started out playing clubs in Sydney, Australia and quickly rose to DJ North America's top festivals like Coachella, Ultra and Lollapalooza. She hosts the Beats1 Dance Chart radio show, every week she counts down the 20 most streamed tracks, features chart extras, and interviews some of the world's biggest DJ’s. 

Click the link below to listen for her in Runner's High, and don't even try to resist her request that you dance to the beat of the 303.

Happy, Trails fellow runners!


Suze & Jac



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