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Eye Can See Clearly Now [+ Indie Rock Playlist]

By Suzy Kenny

Eye Can See Clearly Now [+ Indie Rock Playlist]

At night, we DJ the dance floor hits for special events, corporate functions, restaurants, nightclubs and weddings in Edmonton and across Alberta. By day, when we can work from home we like to change up the music. We’ve been feeling the Indie Rock vibes lately and made a playlist that we work-to regularly… It's also great for those late night chill sessions ;) Get it, at the end of this blog post! 

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Being a digital mobile DJ means that our eyes are glued to the screen pretty much 24/7. As you know, good health is something we really value. Being an entrepreneur has made it even more of a priority - if we aren’t well enough to do the work - who will? So… we met up with our friend and fellow entrepreneur Kim Jurina, co-owner of Eye Care Group to chat about our eyes - they were feeling tired and strained - why??? Well, we learned a lot….

It’s time to Transition

Who else is over drying out your eyes by wearing contact lenses for 16 hours a day?? Well, lucky for us transitions have come a long way.

girls club djs edmonton eye care group

They are photo-chromatic lenses which vary to the light conditions. And you can style your lenses!! Sapphire, Amber, Emerald, Amethyst tint with Style Mirrors that transition into Mirror sunglasses for those sweet sunny days. 

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That Blue Light Buzz 

Recently, you’ve probably been hearing about the blue light being emitted from the screens of your devices, and the negative side effects. Blue Light is reported to prevent you from sleeping well, and may cause age-related macular degeneration which could lead to permanent vision loss :( 

girls club djs fashion edmonton eye care group

Kim, shared with us what the deal is with this blue light buzz.

“We live in a world where LED light along with technology is everywhere from car headlights, and digital devices from tablets to smartphones. There are Optical quality lenses which protect from harmful light by absorbing blue-violet rays giving added comfort to the eyes. It is known that digital devices with harmful blue-violet light cause eyestrain and eye diseases such as Macular Degeneration (AMD).

It’s our job to educate everyone about the blue-violet light. Technology is not going away and we need to protect ourselves.

  • 60% of people now spend 6 hours a day using a digital device.
  • 40% of adults are still not aware of the dangers of blue-violet light to the eyes.”

- Kim Jurina, Eye Care Group

jaclyn girls club djs edmonton fashion eyecare group

At Eyecare Group you can add a Blue Light Filter to your lenses (this works for prescription and non-prescription) so when you're on your computer for 8+ hours, driving around with headlights flashing, AND your phone on top of all that your eyes will be protected! There's no time like the present to take preventative health measures.

Kim’s 2020 Eyewear Style Tips:

"While I love the powerful look of a statement piece of eyewear with black frames it’s also been a trend to embrace the softer side with crystal (transparent) frames. One pair of glasses can’t suit everyone's needs or mood. Our 20/20 goal is to start an eyewear wardrobe. I’m keeping my eye on these collections this year Gucci, Lindberg, Cazal, and Tom Ford."

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Not many people know this but Eye Care Group is a sister-run business, started here in Edmonton over 4 decades ago. Yes, they are locally owned and love giving the gift of sight. They focus on quality made eyewear, superior Rx lenses with amazing service. Their team of Optometrists, Opticians and dispensers know how to take care of the patients from the beginning to the end of the optical journey.

You can find Eye Care Group in Edmonton on Whyte Ave and downtown on 104 St., and also in St. Albert, check ‘em out for a truly upscale eye care experience!

Now, here’s your TUNES! Click here to listen to some of our favourite chill indie rock songs!

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