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By Suzy Kenny


Hosting friends for dinner? Holiday cocktails? We’ve got you covered… (kinda) keep reading - you’ll find the Spotify playlist at the end of this blog!

girls club djs holiday dinner playlist

It’s the holiday season and you’ve got guests to entertain. The last thing we want is you stressing about the music. We’ve compiled a 3ish hour Spotify playlist to cover your holiday dinner, cocktail, gift exchange parties this holiday season. 


BUT FIRST, a disclaimer*** 

***This Holiday playlist is not suitable for everyone. Why? Because, every party and every event is different and it is not possible to make a generic playlist that will appeal to the whole world's holiday parties. 

girls club djs holiday dinner playlist

Over the years we’ve learned a lot about crafting playlists for special events, parties, weddings and friends. Before every special event we DJ, we create a custom song list to guide the music selected for the occasion. This is why Spotify will never replace live DJs.

Here are the 5 Factors to consider when creating a custom playlist:

  1. WHO: Who is coming to the event? What’s the age range? Families? Cool kids?
  2. WHAT: What kind of event is it? Dinner party? Cocktails? Wedding? Corporate Christmas? Does the event have a theme? Rodeo? Tropical? RAVE?
  3. WHEN: When is the event? Daytime? Late night? Energy level of the music is key to keep the energy level of the event where it needs to be.
  4. WHERE: Where is the event taking place? A house? A barn? A ballroom?
  5. HOW: How is the music going to be played? Built in sound system? Bluetooth speakers?

WHY? We know, it seems like a lot of work but it’s so important. Music will set the tone for your event. The songs that are played will affect your guests mood and energy level, even if it’s just background music. Picking songs that appeal to your guests will help you create long lasting magical memories. 

We hope our tips help you curate the perfect playlist, but if you need more help contact us! We can make you a custom playlist or Live DJ Mix for any event. For now, here's our Holiday Dinner Spotify playlist to get you through this merry season! 

Going for more of a party vibe? Here's our latest mixtape: feel good disco, old and new! Recorded live at the Bower in Edmonton. 


Your friendly neighborhood, 

Girls Club DJs


girls club djs holiday dinner party playlist

Special thanks to Bamboo Ballroom & Eyecare Group for dressing us up so fancy and to Cory Christopher for lending us his beautiful decor cabin at Jasper Park Lodge for Christmas in November.   

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