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Find Me Somebody to Love

By Jaclyn Panylyk

Find Me Somebody to Love

Hey! It’s me. Jac from Girls Club.

I’m new to blogging and writing is not one of my strengths so bare with me and hopefully autocorrect will get all my typo’s (ekkk).

Ok here we go… I’m blogging!

the magician magic tape mixtapes


We love Belgian DJ and producer, The Magician, and want to get on his level! He’s known for discovering the latest and greatest in nu-disco and electronic music and shares it with the world via his Magic Tapes. Did you know we're doing a monthly mixtape series? Follow us on Soundcloud to be the first to hear our mixes!  

February’s mix is all about lust, love, ecstasy and heart ache. It’s called: LOVE tape. And was inspired by the recently released biography about Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody. SO in love with this movie. Freddie Mercury is a legend and is an inspiration to all. His lyrics and melodies are so poetic and real. What a beauty he was... If you haven’t seen it yet, chop chop... and SPOILER ALERT... this scene was amazing!


Anyway, it’s Valentine’s Day, so we thought that this would be a great way to bring out the vibe this month. It’s still cold and winter for most of us. And we could all use something to get our blood pumping (in ALL the extremities, ;))

Hope you like it! 




Founder, Girls Club DJs

jaclyn panylyk girls club dj and blogger edmonton canada 

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  • Love the tUnes!!!

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