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5 ways to make the most of social distancing

By Suzy Kenny

5 ways to make the most of social distancing

While supporting local artists and businesses! NEW UPDATED LIST as of April 27, 2020 :D 

We hope you’re all staying sane and healthy during this COVID 19 quarantine. We put together a fun list of things you can do while we all stay home and do our part to #flattenthecurve. While our inner introverts are thriving, motivation is not so much… we’re so thankful for all of the creative digital solutions that Edmonton business owners and artists have come up with to entertain us and keep us moving while we stay home. Here’s a round up of some our faves:

1. Dance Parties

sweat nu disco edmonton joses martin

  • Founder of Edmonton’s SWEAT Nu Disco dance party series, Joses Martin is having an online house party tonight to celebrate his Birthday and you’re all invited. RSVP here!

    girls club djs live stream youtube

    2. At home workouts

    meg stevenson modern yogi yeg

    • Navina Yoga 40 day challenge starts Saturday March 28! This is not your normal yoga challenge - it integrates additional aspects such as meditation, diet and exercises for self inquiry. Navina’s “pay what you can afford” offer makes it possible to take this challenge without fretting further about your finances. 

    all things haha soundvibes yoga

    • @all_things_ha_ha is an Edmonton based DJ and Yogi - she’s been sharing her practice of 1-2 yoga classes each day hosted for FREE daily on the SoundvibesYEG facebook page. Her positive energy is infectious, her giggles uplifting <3

    joanna magik dj undrcard boxing studio online classes

    • Undrcard, a Calgary based boxing studio, is now offering online classes plus the CEO, Joanna Magik, (who is also a DJ) is sharing quick 10-20 minute workouts on her Instagram regularly - thanks for keeping us moving - paired with amazing tunes!!  

    3. LOLs

    caroline stokes edmonton comedian

    • Caroline Stokes is an Edmonton based comedian and artist - check out her feed if you need a laugh, or twenty, or a new dance routine. She brings LOLs everyday. Thank you Caroline / Doug Carl! Love youuuu

    girl brain edmonton comedy

    marielle.elizabeth Isolation Tonight edmonton comedian

    • Local improver and social media maven, Marielle Elizabeth, has created a hilarious series of IGTV videos: Isolation Tonight, the Canadian late-night show, absolutely no one asked for.

    4. Catch up on reading

    Taking this time to work on self-improvement? So are we, these books may be of interest to you

    • The Road Back to You - learn about the ancient personality typing - the enneagram - and how get insight into. Bringing an awareness of our unconscious behaviours and patterns allows us to get a better understanding or our triggers and automatic reactions. (Big thanks to Julie from the Know Tribe for sharing her knowledge on this topic at the Creative Hive back in the time before Covid, pictured above).
    • This is Your Brain on Music - the science of a human obsession of music by Daniel J. Levitin 
    • The Longevity Diet by Volter Longo
    • Training For The Uphill Athlete

    5. Running outside

    • Missing the gym or spin class? Now could be the perfect time to pick up running as a hobby (just make sure you’re staying 2 metres away from people while passing). We know, it’s cold out but don’t worry we have some simple tips to stay warm and enjoy exercising outside.  
    •  If you're not already doing this, follow @runningroom, @novemberproject & @antisocialrunning on IG and join their running groups on @strava. These channels are putting out lots of good content, challenges, virtual activities on the regular. 

    • If you don’t already have this app, get it. Strava allows you to track your runs with amazing metrics to help you improve your pace and set weekly goals. Another great feature of this app is that every month you can join various challenges and when completed you receive a virtual trophy or badge for your profile. Nerds like us love it. Currently there are a few to join from various local organizations! Sign up and check it out! Strava

    Some fun challenges currently on Strava are:

    1. @runwestyeg  is hosting a virtual marathon! Register now as you have until May 4, 2020 to run it! All you need to do is join the club on strava (here) and post your run/walk. You can also share via social using #groceryrunyeg.
    2. Lululemon is hosting a challenge from Apr 13, 2020 to May 10, 2020. Complete 5 days of activity for 4 weeks. Minimum 20 minutes per activity. Complete the challenge and receive a special post-challenge benefit and a new badge for your trophy case.
    3. November Project is challenging you to run 6000m before sunrise on Wednesday April 29th! Sign up on Strava
    4. Honeystinger has a really cool challenge for May 2020! Run a total of 50 miles. Earn your digital badge and a free pack of Plus Chews. 50 random entrants will receive a Plus Training Kit. 4 days until start! Sign up on Strava
    Want to sign up to run the Edmonton Marathon, Half, 10 or 5k? Unfortunately the 2020 race has been cancelled due to COVID, but you'll soon be able to register for 2021! Use promo code Suzy or Jaclyn at the checkout for $10 off. 
    girls running shop local ciele hoka one one dj music fashion fun social distance covid
    Don’t forget to support your local running stores! Running Room has an awesome online and offers curb-side pick up at any of their locations. Shop now, here
    Fast Trax is another great local shop! Check them out here
    And shop our online store for T’s, sweatshirts and so much more! Shop Now

    What are you reading, watching or doing to make the most of the isolation?? Leave a comment and tell us what you are up to! 

    girls club djs work from home

    Our next blog will be Edmonton’s Guide to Dining-In during the Quarantine. Stay tuned!  

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