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10 Highlights from Camp Yoga Alberta

By Suzy Kenny

10 Highlights from Camp Yoga Alberta

Being the DJ for the glow in the dark dance party at Camp Yoga 2019 in Canmore, Alberta was a very special event. It was LIT! Beyond that, our days were filled with yoga and nights filled with live music! Camp Yoga, is not just for Yogi’s, in fact, lots of the attendees have never even been to a yoga class.

Why we love it

1. Camp Yoga Founder, Chesley Long.  

camp yoga alberta chesley long girls club djs

He’s the most chill guy in the room and still goes out of his way to make sure each attendee has EVERYTHING, and we mean everything. We love Chesley and the work he does to host Camp Yoga’s across North America. Next up, Hawaii, New Zealand Camp Yoga!? Maybe?! We’ll see!

2. Glow in the dark dance party. 

 camp yoga alberta girls club djs glow dance party

Saturday night was all about the dance party. We DJ’d for all of the happy campers and literally lit up the dance floor with black-lights, glow in the dark body paint, hula-hoops and dance floor beats. Oh and somehow Chesley got everyone to limbo in the middle of the party. SO MUCH fun!

3. The Movement

the movement at camp yoga alberta girls club djs yeg yogi navina yoga 

We were #blessed and given the opportunity to bring The Movement to the people of Camp Yoga. We DJ’d a live set filled with oldies, disco dance and indie tracks while YEG YOGI guided guests through a heart pumping session of Pilates, dance and free movement, followed by a therapeutic cool down guided by Navina Yoga’s Modern Yogi, Meg. Some deep emotions were released and then we let it all go!

4. Hip Hop Yoga followed by Cuddle Puddle 

camp yoga canmore alberta beautiful sky

Mel took us outside for her class outside, we practiced yoga with mountain views, sunshine, fresh fall air and the best hip hop tracks. At the end, we were pushed out of our comfort zone and into one giant 100 person cuddle puddle and THEN we serenaded the sky with a group sing-along to Backstreet Boys, I want it that way.

camp yoga alberta cuddle puddle


5. Buti Yoga with Kim Mayberry of Joy Studio in Banff

Buti Yoga pairs primal movement and intentional shaking to catalyze healing on a physical, emotional and energetic level. Last year at Camp Yoga was our first year trying it and we had to do it again this year! Kim is a ray of sunshine with excellent taste in music. Her Buti class will make you pump your booty like Beyonce.

6. Archery, Hiking, High Climbing, Canoeing

girls club dj jac camp yoga alberta

When you need a break from yoga (or want training to kill zombies) there are options!

yeg yogi camp yoga alberta canmore

  1. Recess!

Hosted by Camp Yoga creator, Chesley Long, Recess is a special yoga class that will take you back to your days on the school yard. A little yoga, heart to hearts with new friends, giant rock paper scissor competition followed by a sing-along to Shallow. Can we please do this everyday??

  1. 7am Yin Yoga

Odessa guided us through a slow morning stretch while we were pretty much still asleep. Her calm and cool class was the perfect way to jump start our day in the mountains!   

  1. Strength & Grace Yoga  

Brought to you by Meg (aka @modernyogiyeg) from Navina Yoga thank you for kicking our butts the first half and then stretching it allllll out the second half of class... Duality at it’s finest. 
  1. Myofascial Release Yin - Tennis Balls included!

yeg yogi at camp yoga alberta girls club djs

    After a night of wild dancing, Yeg Yogi led us through a much needed deep stretch session. Positioning a tennis ball on the sore spots and just breathing through it, ending with the most relaxing savasana.

    And VOILA that's why we LOVE Camp Yoga. Hope ya'll will join us next September in Canmore!


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